How to avoid going bankrupt

How to avoid going bankrupt

It’s amazing to start your own restaurant. But it’s important to keep it alive. No one wants to go bankrupt. There are different ways to avoid to going out of business. If you follow them your restaurant will be a success. Or you just have to live with the consequences.



One of the most importants things is the budget. If you don’t look after your budget, your dream is over really fast. Some people forget to often look at it. You have to make a budget for all kind of things. For the salary of your employees, suppliers and for the marketing and advertising. You must have a budget to stay in business. With a budget you avoid to spent too much money.


Good menu

Another important element is the menu. People will not come to your restaurant if you don’t have a good menu. Before you set up a menu, you have to find good suppliers for the different kind of food you will be serving. For a pizza you can use the crust and dough balls of Monte Pizza Crust. Because pizza is a popular meal. Other popular meals are salad, pasta and soup. It’s important to use fresh vegetables. Fresh vegetables will make the meal better.


Be up-to-date

It’s also important to be up-to-date. That means you have to use your social media canals  regularly to promote your business. If you take care of your own social media, it’s like free advertising for your restaurant. Another great advertising site is Yelp. If your customers have had a amazing experience, you can ask to give a review on Yelp. You can give them a discount if they will give you a good review.


Appreciate your guests

Guests are like free advertising. They will provide word-of-mouth advertising or will leave reviews. That’s why you have to let your guest feel welcome from the beginning till the end. The moment they come in you have to greet them and give them a feeling they are welcome. At the table you can give them free bread or little salad. At the end you can give them a free little candy with the bill. It shows that you are hospitable. People will definitely come back.


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