How to celebrate your bachelor party

How to celebrate your bachelor party

‘- Go to the Casino. Some people may be opposed to it but going to the casino could be an amazing, fun time for you and your fellas.

– Take a road trip. Take a trip with your friends to somewhere you’ve never been .

– Spend a weekend at a Beach house. Have a cook out.

– Rent dirt bikes, ATVs.

– Enjoy nature and go camping, plan different activities for each day.

– Get tickets to a sport event. Why not go your favorite sports event and watch your favorite players go toe to toe.

– Go on Cruise.

– Go the classic way and go to Vegas. Vegas has hundreds of things you can do.

– Comedy Club. Get some laughs in with a comdedy club

– Spa. Yes a spa. There is nothing wrong with men wanting to get pamper before his big wedding day.

– Have a large fest. Bring out the Barbeque, ribs, crabs, all the food you can possibly think of.

– If you’re going to plan a get together or event for you and your fellas make sure you have the venue secured. There’s nothing worse than having to reschedule or replan your whole event and go back to square one.

– Make sure to write everything out so you can visually see all your thoughts.

– Food and drinks. Make sure you have enough food and drinks for everyone to enjoy.

– Invitations. Make sure you have a list of who you’re inviting. Send them out on time! Knowing whose coming and not will make planning easier and faster.

– WARNING…At your own risk go to a Gentlemens club aka fancy way to say Strip club.

– Lastly, have fun! Enjoy the laughs and spend it with your friends one last time before your big day.

-What are the key points that every men must follow after marriage​.

– Don’t become lazy. Just because you married her that doesn’t mean you hvae to stop doing what you used to do to show her you love and appreciaate her. Continue to pursue her.

– Have date night. Fellas there’s nothing wrong with taking your wife out after a long day of work.

– Help clean around the house. Don’t throw your dirty underwear on the floor put it in the hamper, and don’t leave your dish in the sink. Help keep your house tidy by keeping it clean and organize she’ll appreciate it more than you think.

– Ask her about her day. She could be feeling upset or sad and just wants someone to listen to her vent and get some stress off her shoulder.

– Support her. Support her in her dreams and decisions.

– Consider her feelings. It’s no longer I but WE. Every desicion you make now effects her. So be considerate before you blow $100,000 on a new car or two… unless one is for her.

– Intimacy. No not sex… well yes sex but… not sex . There are other ways to create intimacy between you and your wife. There’s Intellectual intimacy. This is where you both share thoughts and ideas with each other for example figuring out wheather aliens issist or not . There’s Spiritual intimacy, this type of intimacy is sharing beliefs and religions with each other. Another form of intimacy is emotional. Figuring out how she’s feeling and why. Lastly, of course best for last Physical intimacy. We all know what that means so there’s no need for me to explain that one.

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