How To Control Your Anger

How To Control Your Anger

Anger management is something we have all dealt with at some points in our lives. Slow drivers on the road, somebody giving back the wrong change, or people being just plain rude in general is something that get’s all of our blood boiling from one time or another. So what are some way’s to calm ourselves down?

Here are some simple exercises to practice next time you want to throw someone out a window.


  • Breathe Deeply, take a moment to distance yourself from everyone around you and focus solely on your breathing


  • Picture relaxing imagery to put yourself in a more calming setting


  • Say phrases such as “it’s ok” or “relax” to yourself over and over. Being able to vent verbally is a great relaxation method for some


  • Go for a walk and get away from the situation altogether. Think about positive thoughts to get your mind off whatever is making you angry


Anger can sometimes be an issue that isn’t in our control, which is hard to admit but in those circumstances, help is always a great option. Talking to a counselor or going to meetings and groups might not seem the most fun, but it can help down the road to getting anger in check. It’s best to handle anger firmly and with care, you want to control your anger, not the other way around.

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