How to impress a women in first met.

How to impress a women in first met.

‘-Smile- What better way to welcome a girl than smiling.

-Have confidence- Are you walking with your head down? Are your shoulders slouched? Every Woman wants a guy with confidence.

-Be humerous- Crack a joke to make her laugh, if you can make her laugh .. congrats you’re a step closer.

-Courteous – Open the door for her, compliment her, have manners.

-Ask open questions about herself. It shows that you’re interested about her life.

– Tell her interesting things about yourself, hobbies, life goals, but don’t go over board and make it about yourself.

– If you’re going to take a girl out to dinner for the first time, take the extra mile to pay for her food. That alone will definitely impress her.

– Don’t ask her sexual questions. Not only is that disrespectful but really creepy espicially meeting her for the first time.

– Dress to impress. This is your time to show her your best wardrobe. No, you don’t have to always wear a suit. However, be clean, make sure you clothes are fresh, your shoes are clean. Believe it or not women DO look at your shoes condition. They don’t have to be extremely expensive but just make sure they’re clean. Most importantly make sure you’re put together nicely.

– Hygiene. Brush your teeth, take a nice shower, wear you favorite cologne, most importantly make sure you have on deordorant. Make sure your well groom, and your hair is nice.

– Listen to her. Women love when guys pay attention to the smllest details. Engage in the conversation to show her you’re sincerly interested.

– Don’t compare her to other girls. Just don’t.

– Don’t come on too strong . Coming on strong can make her feel uncomfortable.

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