How To Lead Super-Productive Meetings

How To Lead Super-Productive Meetings

It can be difficult to keep the chaos under control when it comes to the work-place and meetings are no exception. They’re perhaps some of the more unwieldy examples of how to lose the attention of a disorderly room. Much like a classroom full of bratty middle schoolers, you must act as the teacher, to rally them to be respectful and mindful of whos talking.

So what can we do to calm the storm? Is there any hope to end a meeting with an informative and positive mindset? It just so happens there are a few nifty tricks to getting the train back on tracks.


1) Have an agenda

It’s wise to plan out the meeting in advance before even arriving, so come equipt with the matters of the day written down on pieces of paper. From there, you can pass them around the table so that everyone has a clear understanding of whats crucial to that day’s meeting.


2) Focus on attention

People can be easily distracted by loud noises such as construction outside, chatter from the offices, or rain from a storm. Try to facilitate a quiet and noise-free area to hold the meeting. This also means to discourage any interaction outside of the topic at hand. This means phones and outside conversation, so remember to remind the attendees to focus on the agenda.


3) Bouncing-back

Like tip number two, attention can be easily lost in a busy work environment such as a meeting. If a new topic appears before the previous one was answered, bounce it back before moving on. An example might be, “SEO marketing is definitely a strategy we should get more in-depth about, but let’s wrap-up what lack of website traffic means for us.”

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