How to measure your body and mind health on a daily basis

How to measure your body and mind health on a daily basis

You can easily measure your waist length to evaluate your waist size. It helps in estimating the amount of abdominal fat. When fats accumulate around the organs and midsection, it raises concerns on the fat surrounding the thighs and rear because this fat is known to cause the risk of cancer, heart diseases, high blood pressure, stroke, diabetes and sleep apnea as well as increasing amount of risky inflammatory molecules in the body.

On a daily basis, visit the lab and let your doctor check the heart rate, blood pressure, cholesterol levels, blood glucose levels and mineral/ vitamins supplies. The lab results are the relative indication of how your body is physiologically working as you undertake your daily choirs.

Another essential measurement is testing the VO2 max; this is the maximum rate of oxygen used during the incremental exercise. The level of your activity determines measure level of your VO2 max in the sense that, VO2 level increases when you engage in more physical exercise. Therefore, it tells how fit is your body from the inside.

The amount and type of food you eat on a daily basis has a significant impact on the health of your body. It is crucial that you check in your daily diet to see whether you are achieving the goals of your choice. However, if you seem not to meet your intended target, consider making some changes to your eating habits. Eating healthy food frequently is a great way to measure your overall mental health affecting your body’s health.

Engaging in a physical exercise every day is a fast track to your mental health. Considering regular activity will help you improve mood, sleeping habit, energy levels, productivity, and control weight. Consequently, frequent exercise has proved to reduce the risk of diseases and illnesses to keep your body in healthy state.

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