How To Stay Active Daily

How To Stay Active Daily

Typically, jogging in the morning is not your favorite forte. You’d rather sit and watch TV until there is nothing on that interests you, but you know that you have to stay active! The word active rings the loudest bell to you. This is something that you know you do every day. You’re retired now and your activities have since diminished. You won’t let that stop you though. You are on a mission. There is no turning around from that. As you gather your thoughts, the word “active” has you in a brainstorm thinking of ways that will keep you moving. After you have actively washed your face and brushed your teeth, you head outside to water your plant that you call Oscar. Moving your arms back and forth is pretty strenuous to you. You count to ten and that cycle is over. You feel that activities are all in your life now. Your next journey is to walk to the mailbox that is 40 feet away.

You make it to the mailbox, but on your way back, you noticed some sales papers in your yard. It seems like the mail man missed your whole mailbox and decided to deliberately throw the papers anywhere but your mailbox. You didn’t want to jump to any conclusions so you proceed to pick those papers up. It took you 8 times to pick them up. That mission was the equivalent to the toe touching exercise. You were so fascinated with your progress that you sprinted back to toward the house to end with a stride on the porch. That was all the activity you felt like you could do in one day. Your mission felt like it was over, but you couldn’t make that a definite.

You left your TV on and saw a yoga instructor teaching a class of students how to stretch. You decided that this would be the perfect ending to your active day so you head for the room. You wanted to put on the stretchy material they had on, but you decided to keep your pajamas on and grab a blanket instead. You didn’t want this to stop you at all. You headed to the floor on your folded blanket and noticed that you could stretch like the people on TV. You set your mental timer for 15 minutes. As time past, you realized that you have stretch all the muscles in your arms and legs. That was a pretty great workout for you even though you spent the other 15 minutes watching them. That was Ok though. You completed another mission. The soreness in your arms had you reaching for the aspirin and soda that you left on your coffee table. Your activities added up as time past. Next thing you know, you were actively taking a nap.

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