Let go all of your expectations

Let go all of your expectations

Life expectations are known to be the common thing that ruins friendships and shatters relationships as well. When a person(s) blames another person for not meeting their needs, actually mean that such person(s) are not living to what their expectations. When confronted with this scenario, it’s essential that you both try to influence and change their behavior or you go of your expectations.

The problem with expectations is that it brings about frustration when your needs are not meet which eventually causes untold damage to relationships. Letting go is notion people find it hard to practice although it is possible and worthwhile to learn.

Faulty assumptions are not reasonable. Hence, once you realize that your way of thinking is not the right way to go about, you’ll probably find it light to abandon assumptions and adjust or entirely drop off your expectations.

When you cease to expect specific behavior from people, you will free yourself to see more things carefully. Therefore, you begin to observe what they do rather than continuously seeing the difference between what you expect them to do and what they do.

When you’re in a friendship or a relationship solely because you benefit out of it, then that is a real transaction. Naturally, we have needs that have to be met but expecting other people to fit on our behalf is futile. Accepting the responsibilities to meet our needs by ourselves and letting go of expectations is a vital move.

In some individual cases, expectations seem to be important because it touches on morality or non-negotiable values, in this scenario try to convert that expectation into a reasonable agreement. Agreements are different from expectations because expectations exist in mind without the knowledge of the other person.

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