List of gears every men must have

List of gears every men must have

Here are a list of things EVERY MAN must have. Walking into manhood could be a challenging step to take, listed below are must haves.

– A well fitted Suit. Every guy needs at least one well tailored suit that makes them feel confident the moment they step out.

-Wrist Watch. Invest in an everyday watch that can go with any outfit.

-Tool box. You never know when you’ll have to piece together a new desk.

– Television. You can’t watch the new episode of Stranger things without a flat screen to enjoy it on.

-Gym Bag. Just having a gym bag may encourage you to go to the gym.

-A white fitted. botton down, long sleeve dress shirt.

-Shaving kit. Every woman loves a well groomed man.

-Cologne- Invest in a cologne that smells good. Tom Ford, Versace, Dior, are all great colognes to invest in.

-Cast iron skillet- A perfect skillet to make the perfect scrabble eggs.

-Valid PassPort- You can’t travel to Mexico, Dominican Republic, and Bahamas and other countries without a valid passport.

– Nice leather wallet- For some reason guys tend to have 101 cards in their pockets.

– WD-40- This can help get rid of any squeaky rust around the house.

– A good facial moisurizer. YES, guys have to take care of their skin too.

– Body wash and deordorant-… Kinda self explanatory.

-Belt- Leave saggy pants in 2017 fellas.

– Money jar- Ever heard of the saying save your money for a rainy day? Today is that day. You never know when your going to make a family emergency trip out of town or you might be $50 short on rent.

– A nice black Blazer- A nice fitted blazer can help make a regular outfit look expensive and nice if dressed right.

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