How to start love your work

How to start love your work

Why. Know why you’re working. Is it to support your family? Is it your dream job? Do you get a thrill out of working there? Is it a job you see yourself growing in the next years to come.

– Do you really want to work there? How can you love and job you don’t want to work? You have to have a passion for your job. Millions around the world are making six figures and are successful in their field but, hate working there. While others are working pay check to pay check. Find your passion.

– Change your mind set. Take out negative words in your vocabulary. Like “Can’t” “Hate” “I don’t feel like”. Words like those can encourage you to feel negative.

– Focus on the positive. Find the positive in every situation. Sometimes we put ourselves through unnessasary stress. Let the positive outweight the negative.

– Meet new people. Introduce yourself to new people at your job. A simple “How’s it going”? can go long way. Maybe the next time you need someone to cover your shift Jim might be the perfect person.

– Don’t be too hard on yourself. You’ll win some, you’ll lose some. Use your “failures” to better yourself.

– Don’t feel afraid or too prideful to ask for help. Asking for help can take your skills to another level. We sometimes overwhelm ourselves with work because we want to do everything ourselves. Speak up and ask for help.

– Treat yourself. There’s nothing wrong with going to a bar after a long days of work. You’ve earned it.

– Focus. You may think you have a lot of work to do which is most likely true. But, try and stay off social media. It’s tempting to see the scoring of Cleveland VS. Lakers because of the bet you made with one of your workers. Work hard to finish that last assignment before you check the score board.

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