When A Man Wants A Woman Knows

When A Man Wants A Woman Knows

It’s not the easiest to understand what a man would want from a woman. But if a woman can careful study a man, she can put everything into perspective. Carefully observing a man’s desire, you will notice that they usually cross over into the category of something that he wants. By actively listening, you surely will get the advantage that you need. You won’t miss that golden opportunity to showcase that you have picked up on those wants.

If you can sit and think about what a man wants, you usually find out the typical answers. All men want a woman that can cook and clean for him. It sometimes can go unnoticed and without a simple thank you, but keep working girls. It’s going to be one time that he will notice. Then, you’re in the game!

Suppose a man has his friends over for the famous “Monday night football.” He invites you over too, and being his best friend, he expects you to show all your cooking skills during this time. He may mention certain gestures like, “there’s some beer in there if you would like one.” That’s the sign you are looking for. He’s wanting you to see that he has uncooked food in his refrigerator that he wants you to volunteer and cook. You mention fried chicken and next thing you know, you’re in there preparing food like you’re a residential chef. He knew he could talk you into it that way because of him sitting and waiting for his friends to arrive. You didn’t understand why you pulled up in the driveway and only saw his vehicle. All of his plans are now being revealed.

Once you’re finished cooking, give that big smile of yours. He doesn’t want you to have a negative attitude toward him. He simple wants you to be happy that you helped him. Keeping that smile on your face like you’re checking your teeth after brushing them is the ticket for carrying out those wants for him.

Serving his friends during the half time show, really is on his list of wants. You picked it up after he asked you to bring him several napkins. You looked over at his friends and saw that they were sitting with empty plates. I guess this will call for a round two for them. There is nothing like your best friend being the opposite sex and he has a house full of his best pals. This is a definite want from a man. This goes down into the “she is so cool and understanding” guidebook. That pretty much wraps up a man’s top four desires. Don’t forget to cook, smile, serve, and clean for him. A man will set you up to do this every time.

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